Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nothing But Clear Air

Nothing to do with global warming, either. Just for laughs, I tried a Technorati search on "Rain in the Doorway," and much to my surprise, came up with this: this is the story of the girl who could drink only tears.

Where's the percentage in wishful thinking?
Rain in the doorway and a night
of drinking

with the falling patter on a dirty cup left
outside, nothing astonishing blazed across its side,
just an old advert
for an old chocolate bar
in faded type.
That's the beginning of a poem by the blogger at Nothing But Clear Air. Go read the rest, for it is good. That's Alex Foley, if that's his real name. He likes Larkin, Auden and Blake, so that's good. He does not post often, and many of those are quotes, but I will visit this site again to look for more new pieces.

Now I need to add a new label, "poetry." Well, all right then. Perhaps we'll have more poetry here, along with the warming and the squids.

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