Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too late for the bacon, too soon for the beer

That was almost the title of a country song. The inspiration met a happier fate when it became a fiddle and banjo tune instead, called, more simply, "Too Late For the Bacon." Here it is by its originators, Jane Rothfield and her Red Hen String Band (Jane, her husband Allan Carr, David Kiphuth, his wife Linda Schrade).

Full disclosure: some of these people are friends of mine. I have a small financial interest in Wepecket Island Records, whence their new CD will be coming soon.


Jane Rothfield said...

That was a fun early morning radio show we did last September with our friend and fab musician Joe Newberry there smiling in the background!

Jack Radcliffe said...

It's a lovely tune, and a wonderful story ... The Hens should have Allan record his delightfully rambling introduction sometime.

Trooper York said...

Good luck with this venture.

I have a friend who quit accounting and is selling his music through I-tunes and is actually scratching out a living. Sells lots of stuff to Japan and Korea for some reason.

Go figure.

Hector Owen said...

Thanks, Trooper. Making a profit with this kind of niche music ain't the simplest thing, but we are going to give it a go. I really like the Red Hens' music a lot, and hope we can provide them a platform, resources, you know what I mean, to make a bit of an impact.